Independent Support


Individual - Independent - Experienced

Activities - Affordable - Educational


Offering Individualised Support to Maximise Peoples Quality of Life


The Ark offers affordable independent support for

people during the week, evenings and weekends.


All support is linked to individual wants rather than group needs and includes activities they wish to do (there may be a charge for this dependent on the activity).


The support will be given by heart
experienced support workers

and the person will be able to choose who supports them

on specific activities.



 planWe will also prepare, with the individual, a Person Centred Plan

(if required) to enable them to reach some of their goals in the future. These will be fed into the annual reviews and other meetings where necessary.


Dependent on the number of hours or days support some activities will be included in the cost of provision leaving more budget available for the person outside of Ark support time.


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